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Maranatha Ministries is pleased to announce the church is offering free day camp services the third week of July for ages 8-13.  

We at Maranatha Ministries strive to create a greater presence and awareness of children and their needs, and advocates for all children.  

It is our vision to create a place for the community to come together, and to give children a safe, nurturing environment to grow and play. 

The Church purchased 76 acres of land located around the church with the goal of building up to 10 cabins, a rec hall, an in-ground swimming pool, basketball court, baseball field, and other recreational facilities and equipment.

Upcoming Events:

Camp Connect has free day camp the third week of July

Volunteer Opportunities are available and campers ages 8-13.  Join us on Facebook for further details or call Michelle Acierni  for more information: 330-821-3265

Maranatha Ministries
Maranatha Ministries